Lifetime Membership

What you get

  • An invitation to the Scrap It Studio Yahoo Group where I will announce all new product uploads
  • An invitation to collaborate with the folder at my box account where you will have access to download ALL of my products
  • ALL of the current products at the store including commercial use items
  • ALL of the products I make for as long as Scrap It Studio is open
  • Exclusive downloads which may be anything from simple word art to a full size kit.  Exclusives will vary and will never be available anywhere else

Membership to the Scrap It Studio Yahoo Group and to collaborate with the Lifetime Members Only box folder is by invitation only!  You are not required to join the Yahoo Group, however, that is where I will announce all new uploads to the folder.  There are no group participation requirements!  The message delivery option must be set at Individual Email, which is the default option so there is no need to change it.  The group is set to reply to sender only in an effort to keep the messages in your inbox at a minimum.  You must be able to accept the collaboration invite since that is the only place you will have access to freely download the products you would like

Once your purchase has been made, I will contact you using the same email address used to purchase Lifetime Membership.  Please allow up to 24 hours for reply.  If you do not hear from me within the 24 hours, please contact me using the contact link in the navigation menu above.  In addition, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all prior to purchase

Due to the nature of the products you will be receiving (digital downloads), there are NO REFUNDS!  You may leave the Scrap It Studio Yahoo Group and/or collaboration at any time, however, no refunds will be given at any time

DO NOT SHARE this access with anyone!  Anyone caught sharing access and/or downloads will be terminated and banned from Scrap It Studio Lifetime Membership and no money will be returned

Current value of products you will have access to

Total value of current products available now = $86.50

Get all current products available now AND all future products added to the store for as long as Scrap It Studio is open and exclusive freebie downloads all for a one time payment of only $20.00

You may purchase Lifetime Membership(s) as a gift(s) for your friend(s) as well.  I will contact you for their email address


Price: $20.00